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Manufacturing equipment and quality inspection devices

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I propose the state-of-the-art equipment in a variety of industries in the fusion of the latest technology and rich experience.

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Research & Development

  • Engine testing system
  • Drive train testing system
  • Power train testing system
  • Gas emissions testing system
  • Environment testing system
  • Semiconductor testing systemli>
  • HIC testing system
  • LCD testing system
  • PCB testing system
  • Membrane evaluating system
  • Other
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Production Control

  • Auto assembly system
  • Auto washing system
  • Auto welding system
  • Non destructive testing system
  • Precision measurement system
  • Optical measuring system
  • High-frequency heat induction machinery
  • Semiconductor manufacturing system
  • HIC manufacturing system
  • LCD manufacturing systemli>
  • PCB manufacturing system
  • PCB manufacturing system
  • Other
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Quality Check

  • 3D measuring, Roughness testing, Roundness testing systems
  • FFT analyzer
  • Flow meter, Pressure gages
  • Ultrasonic measuring system, Film pressure gages
  • Voltage / Ampere meter
  • Profile projector, Noise meter
  • Air leak tester
  • Handling force meter
  • Various recording devices
  • Various constant temperature/ humidity ovens
  • Various hardness testers
  • Environmental testing systems
  • Other